Hybrid Homes

Hybrid Homes

“Custom Homebuilding re-defined”

A custom home is a one-of-a-kind house designed for a specific client and is the only choice for the most discriminating homebuyer. Sometimes clients require more than custom and the demand for ‘specialty’ custom built homes are on the rise. They may need a home that will perform outside or above the normal expectations with special features that are rarely considered for the typical custom or luxury home. This fusion of Fine Homebuilding and unique special features is what we call a Hybrid Home.

Force 10 Thermal Mass

Our world is rapidly changing. We all have witnessed calamities brought on by severe weather, continually rising energy prices, and outrageous Insurance costs. We decided to “think outside the box” for solutions to these problems as well as the possible challenges we may face in the future.

Over the years, ESMB has done extensive research on alternative homebuilding and has been involved in many special projects around the world. Those projects were built with specific requirements to accommodate hostile, extreme and difficult conditions. In the Mexico desert we built a genuine adobe Spanish mission to withstand earthquakes and continual extreme temperatures of over 100 degrees. In the Virgin Islands, a Luxury Mediterranean home was built to be self-sufficient with water and electricity while able to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. In Palm Beach, Florida, a high-end home on the water was remodeled to withstand category 5 hurricanes. In Israel, an upscale gated and secure housing community was built to withstand small arms fire, rocket, and small missile attacks. We have studied and built high performance structures, smart homes, and self-sufficient (off-grid) homes.

We can build your home so that it appears to be conventional to the passer by, but have all the high performance components of a bomb shelter, or survival bunker. We can build your home to withstand and prevail against both natural and man-made disasters including a catastrophic F5 tornado or even an Electromagnetic pulse. Obviously this home would be fireproof, waterproof, windproof, and yes, bulletproof. We can offer this option as the entire home or we can offer in part. You may only require a simple “Safe Room” that doubles as a wine cellar or one that’s concealed with a secret entrance. We offer our clients many different options and the creativity necessary to give them the extra measure of security and comfort they desire.

Green Building

We believe in what we call “responsible green building” and we incorporate those techniques into every home we design and build. We could write a book on this topic but the following will give you a good outline of our main focus while building your home.

The Green Building Process starts with design.

We carefully evaluate the overall environment of the site including exposures and elevations to determine how the building will best perform on the lot. We analyze variables such as water and drainage, soils, passive solar potential, and preservation of existing trees and vegetation.

Your home is designed and engineered to ensure that all materials are properly utilized to maximize full use potential and function.Tremendous cost savings are realized when building dimensions and construction practices virtually eliminate unnecessary waste.

We build with a higher level of energy efficiency. Our homes exceed energy standards in the local and national building codes for thermal insulation, heating, cooling and ventilation, as well as water saving technology. Utilizing alternative roof, attic, wall and foundation insulation in addition to installing high-performance windows and better doors, both contribute to making the home energy conscious.

What's More Important Than Your Health?

The main goal we focus on is the health benefit or the indoor environment of a Green Built Home. "Indoor environmental quality is a mixture of the air you breathe, the lighting from indoors and outside, noise levels, and even the electromagnetic fields. All these factors contribute to our health, comfort and a sense of well-being. Odors, excessive noise, humming from lights or appliances, and pollutants (particles, spores, volatile gases or unburned fuel) all can lead to irritation, poor health, and reduced productivity, and in extreme cases, even injury or death."

A well designed and constructed green home can be easily maintained to be free of unhealthy indoor air pollutants. Substances such as Radon gas, excess moisture, mold and mildew, formaldehyde, off-gassing, particles, and dust-mite allergen can seriously impact occupant health. This is especially true for allergy sufferers. Comprehensive ventilation techniques include a wide range of fresh-air systems that boost indoor air quality while adding very little to energy bills. In hot and humid areas like Williamsburg, air-to-air heat recovery ventilators (“Heat Exchangers”) provide additional ventilation while adding “fresh air” at a reduced overall energy cost. Air quality is further improved with higher efficiency air-filter elements or an "electrostatic" air filter device.

All building materials are carefully chosen for the best value, quality, and performance. ESMB uses the very best of Low-VOC emitting adhesives, finishes and paints, as well as low formaldehyde releasing manufactured products. We never use products or materials that are questionable or dangerous. For example, We do not use gas ventless fireplaces or FIBERGLASS insulation which is a serious skin irritant and a dangerous inhalation hazard. We continually research and analyze materials to insure we are using the very best in performance and safety.

Architectural Antiques

Our passion and creativity for building residential artwork has inspired us to offer our clients options to incorporate historic and architectural antique elements in our exclusive designs. We also replicate many historic details and features to perfection. Blending real antiques and vintage components into the design might just be that "special touch" you desire. Perhaps you would like a Crystal Chandelier from Austria, or Cast Iron Park Lamps from London? Maybe some British Colonial Columns from India hand carved out of solid teak dating back to 1755? How about a Bronze Fountain Reclaimed from a park in Paris, European Chimney Pots, or Stained and Leaded Glass? You name it...the World is yours. Over the years we have gathered a nice collection and developed a network of sources to acquire fine architectural antiques from all over the world.

Our Model Home Program

Mind blowing discounts, free upgrades, and huge rebates! Our exclusive model program is sponsored by manufacturers in the building industry. Products offered will vary, including but not limited to, building and roofing materials, windows and doors, lighting and plumbing fixtures, flooring, and more. The model program is flexible and allows for fabulous upgrades with tremendous savings, however, there are limitations and special requirements. We would be happy to discuss this program with you further during your initial consultation.

Through wisdom a house is built; And by understanding it is perfected..
Proverbs 24:3