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Evan Sawyer Master Builder offers fresh innovative design with our award winning personal design service. We have received many awards and recognition on both local and national levels for our timeless designs. Our in house personal design service caters to your individual needs, specific ideas, and special features. Whether you already have plans and ideas that need modification or you want fresh innovative design, Evan Sawyer will transform your dreams into a reality.

“All homes are designed, few homes are designed well”

We carefully evaluate the building lot conditions, utilize a site plan, and then combine homeowner requirements to create a preliminary concept of their dream home. Once preliminary concepts are established, we then produce AutoCAD computer generated drawings. This level of technology minimizes the potential for human error while allowing the flexibility to make changes or adjustments. All Evan Sawyer home plans are carefully examined, certified, and stamped by a licensed professional structural engineer.

Evan Sawyer's unique approach to design will save thousands compared to an architectural firm while giving you exactly what you want and keeping the project within the budget. Our designs responsibly utilize materials to get the very most out of every nominal dimension. This dramatically reduces waste while increasing square footage capabilities. The result? More square footage for the money! All of our designs reflect responsible green building techniques and Building Science applications. Our designs not only make sense, but they work. If you want to get it right the first time, you have found the right builder!

The complexity of today's modern home is very intense, with countless intricate details, and millions of individual parts. Not to mention the substantial monetary investment needed to build one. It is crucial that today's builder has extensive knowledge, real experience, uncompromising integrity, and the genuine talent necessary to perform such a tremendous task.

Building codes and compliance are the law. While all permitted construction is required to meet code specifications and inspections, it is all entirely based on the bare minimum and does not address the quality of workmanship. Unfortunately, meeting the code requirement is the benchmark most builders adopt and homeowners accept. Did you know fiberglass insulation has specific cancer causing warning labels on each package? Yet it meets the code requirement. Code does not address the very deadly, Silent Killer, RADON GAS. Simply put, code is not enough. Evan Sawyer specifications recognize and correct critical issues that code may not address or even consider. We have the solution to Radon Gas, fiberglass insulation, and many other serious concerns not in the code. Evan Sawyer Homes are built by a much higher standard with specific criteria far exceeding code. Our specifications are even further enhanced by building science applications, maintenance free materials, and responsible green build technology.

FOUNDATIONS. Evan Sawyer foundations are the best in the industry. We fully understand how critical it is to a well-built home. We build steel reinforced concrete with continuous footers for girders and beams. Unlike conventional wood, steel I-beam girders have superior strength and will not shrink or compress.

CRAWL SPACES/BASEMENTS. Our Stem Walls are also much stronger than conventional code requirements. Utilizing Thermal Mass construction, we build sealed conditioned crawl spaces and absolute dry waterproof basements. Both of these are insulated and both have a poured reinforced concrete slab/floor. Literally no dirt under your house! Evan Sawyer developed this exclusive method which results in a dry pressurized crawl space or basement that is not susceptible to dampness, mold, critters or termites while dramatically reducing heat and air conditioning energy costs. We offer the option of continuing “Thermal Mass” construction throughout the rest of the home.

FRAMING. When building a conventional home with wood framing, Evan Sawyer only uses genuine sawn lumber for floor joists and wall studs. Conventional sawn lumber is much stronger, has less deflection, and is naturally more fire resistant than fabricated floor joists. Fabricated floor joists are what most builders currently use and are commonly known as TJI’s (Trus Joist I-Joist - engineered floor and roof joist; trademark of Trus Joist). These fabricated or engineered floor joists are made with wood chips and glue (known accelerants) and will actually delaminate over time, giving them an estimated lifespan of about 50 years.

From the footing of the foundation to the last shingle on the roof, our building materials are carefully selected for quality, value, and performance. We stay on the cutting edge of our industry, carefully researching and scrutinizing the latest innovations concerning materials and methods of construction. We are very cautious and fully understand that "newer" or "latest" is often a cost-cutting method that could be inferior to good old-fashioned time honored and proven "old school" construction. We aim to integrate the latest advanced technology with the best of good ole’ fashion Fine Homebuilding. Our clients enjoy genuine, lasting value and tangible “Peace of Mind”. Evan Sawyer Master Builder offers the best comprehensive warranty in the United States of America. WE DO IT RIGHT AND WE BACK OUR STRUCTURE WITH A 25- YEAR WARRANTY!

Whether building a Mediterranean Villa in Palm Beach, an "Off Grid" Ranch in San Antonio, or a British West Indies in the Virgin Islands, Evan Sawyer Master Builder can provide invaluable counsel on almost any project, anywhere. We have even been requested by the National Association of Home Builders to offer our expertise to judge parade of homes throughout the United States. We have also worked on many special projects that required specific attention to critical details, including contract negotiations and construction management. Occasionally people want to build a unique home that requires a substantial investment and needs the expertise of a true Master Builder. ESMB consulting will protect the Homeowner from costly mistakes and potential "nightmare" situations. We fluently speak and understand the language of architects, contractors and building officials. We are the homeowner’s liaison, managing expectations and interpretations with clarity to the entire project. We have rendered our services in the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, St. John, San Antonio TX, Palm Beach FL, Mexico, Guatemala, Bahamas, and Israel. Technology and the internet allow us to provide unprecedented continual support to even the most remote locations.

You may already live in the ‘perfect’ location but the home you have does not meet your needs. We have the creative solutions to transform your existing home into your Dream Home. We offer our same award winning design capabilities for renovations and remodeling as we do on our new custom built homes.

Through wisdom a house is built; And by understanding it is perfected..
Proverbs 24:3